The following list contains all of the awesome places I’ve been since about 1997. Although there are places on this list that I go all of the time (like my hometown, Vermillion, SD), if I’ve included it on this list, it means something tourist-y or important was going on.


  • (February 14–18) Orlando
    Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios & finding some warmer weather


  • (October 24–28) Long Beach
    Volunteered at CSSDevConf aboard the Queen Mary
  • (August 13–18) New England
    A little Dalrymple family history in Quincy, Massachusetts, visiting Newport, Rhode Island, a family reunion & celebration in New Hampshire, and a couple days of tourism in Boston
  • (January 24–30) Florida Keys


  • (December 9–12) Las Vegas
    Jason earned a spot in a national poker tournament!
  • (September 4–11) New England
    Touring New Hampshire and Maine before attending an ocean-front wedding
  • (May 4–6) Mahnomen, MN
    Jason participated in a state poker tournament and I looked for bears.


  • (October) Washington DC
    Cigna Champions event with Jason and a full day of sightseeing around the National Mall
  • (June) San Francisco
    City sightseeing and a bus tour to Muir Woods and Sonoma with Jason


  • (September) New England
    Road trip through four New England states (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine) with Jason
  • (August) National Balloon Classic
    Annual hot air balloon festival in Indianola, Iowa
  • (June) Las Vegas
    Attended Cisco Live as an employee between an adventure into the desert of Arizona and an additional personal day to relax and wander the southern end of the strip
  • (June) Minnesota Winery Tour (Part 1)
    Began the Three Rivers Wine Trail of Minnesota by visiting Saint Croix Vineyards, Northern Vineyards Winery, Alexis Bailly Vineyard (not on the formal tour), and Cannon Rivery Winery
  • (February) Orlando
    Attended the 2010 ATP Innovations in Testing conference, but made a little time for Disney when I could


  • (November) Oahu
    For my 28th birthday, I gave myself a trip to Oahu to visit my friend, Jen
  • (October) Los Angeles
    Attended Adobe MAX and added a couple personal days to explore Hollywood, Santa Monica and some of the Pacific Coast Highway
  • (September) Hastings
    Day trip with Jason to the Alexis Bailly Vineyard and a classic car show
  • (August) Vermillion Sesquicentennial
    An informal class reunion and a parade — that’s just how Vermillion likes to party
  • (July) Hart Lake
    Johanna invited me and a couple other friends to her family’s cabin for a weekend
  • (May) Red Wing
    Day trip with my mom to admire antiques and sight-see


  • (November) San Francisco
    Attended Adobe MAX and made additional time for sight-seeing and a road trip through San Jose and Monterey
  • (July 25–27) North Shore / Finnish Festival


  • (July) Pacific Northwest
    Attended Image Explorations in Victoria, BC, followed by some time visiting my friend, Jen, in Washington
  • (June) Mille Lacs
    Day trip with Rebecca to find a beach on the second largest lake in Minnesota


  • (October) Boston
    Weekend with my sister, Karyn, and our friend, Lynn
  • (September) Madison, WI
    Visiting friends, Bridget and Lindy


  • (April) Washington DC
    Bus trip from Minneapolis to DC to attend the March for Choice rally with very little time for sight-seeing (and a lack of working batteries in my camera)
  • (January) Deutschland
    Visiting my friend, Kristi, in München with day trips scheduled to Füssen, Stuttgart, Nürnberg and Salzburg, Austria


  • (May) Backpacking in the Black Hills
    May session course through the University of Minnesota with my friend, Jen
  • (March) Thunder Bay
    Spring break road trip with friends, Jen, Kristi and Cameron — we shoulda gone south, ’eh?


  • (October) Worchester/Boston
    A very quick weekend trip (and my first commercial airline flight) to visit my friend, Jess


  • (March) Greeley, Colorado
    Spring break road trip with friends, Kelsey and Jess, to visit Kelsey’s friend, Jenny, and her school, get tattoos in Boulder, and visit Denver for an evening


  • Oklahoma
    Family road trip to visit my brother at basic training