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RT @adigoesswimming: My teenage nephew told me he asked a girl out and she turned him down. I said, “You know what to do now, right?” He sa…

9:40pm May 20th 2018

RT @amandapalmer: whatever forces conspired – british people, weddings – to get millions of humans on the planet to simultaneously listen t…

6:45am May 19th 2018

Idina Menzel on Undercover Boss… might just be the best episode after Kylo Ren’s.

7:07pm May 18th 2018

Cast off fancy wet cat food in the office kitchenette this morning. My kitties are getting spoiled this weekend, woot woot!

8:16am May 18th 2018

@ruralgrrrl I’ve been feeling this lately 💕

8:42pm May 17th 2018

When knitty committee meets patio season. #wheremystitchesat #youreallamafun
#eatsleepknit #teamdolphiknot

7:41pm May 17th 2018

@amandaesque @advicepig I *feel* like I’m missing out on a great event based on the tweets you’re sending through.

1:18pm May 17th 2018

Anyone else experience significant issues with Google Maps API? Like, search overload… Tried throwing some money…

8:55am May 17th 2018

@diana_rajchel I feel like most dogs can tell I’m a cat lady and they tend to seek out different company 😉

6:21am May 17th 2018

When a dog follows me on Instagram 🤷‍♀️

7:35pm May 16th 2018

@diana_rajchel there’s an invisible one now, too 😀 but agree: reCaptchas are every where/on everything; it should be standard/expected.

10:57am May 16th 2018

@diana_rajchel Add a reCaptcha to that!

10:53am May 16th 2018

It was kinda like Sharks vs Jets on the Parkway this morning ‘cept it was just a bunch of angry turkeys.

7:27am May 16th 2018

Is anyone still using a Misfit Flash activity tracker? I just fired mine up to start a summer activity boost… I d…

9:33pm May 15th 2018

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it.”

11:58am May 15th 2018

Someone *ahem* 🙋‍♀️ probably should be weaving in all of the ends of her last project, but sometimes a knitter real…

3:31pm May 14th 2018

RT @NikkitaFTW: I made a dumb thing:

We started making websites because it was fun because we wanted to make dumb…

11:11am May 14th 2018

@doniamae I think I see one! Sitting down, not interacting with anyone…

6:23am May 14th 2018

@JeniEats All social media on this day. I’ve been doing my best to avoid it all. 💕

5:07pm May 13th 2018

@doniamae I just saw this in my inbox from long ago but I can vouch for the yum of this dessert.

9:42am May 13th 2018

If I was a turtle, I’d sit in the sunshine all day, too.

12:36pm May 10th 2018

Brain state: I have so much work to do. Wait – what’s happening on Ravelry?! Do I need to organize my stash?! LET’…

8:57am May 10th 2018

Yarn on my mind: the three skeins I dyed at ESK in Georgia just over two weeks ago. #mrscrosbylovestoplay

1:22pm May 8th 2018

@PropTartMN This is always something that I seem to be doing riiiight before bed. Why.

9:01pm May 7th 2018

It was a Sowbug spider! Google image search is always a bad idea, though.

8:55pm May 7th 2018

The problem with opening a growler of beer when you’re a solo drinker is that you have to drink it all… solo. Lonely beer times.

2:08pm May 6th 2018

Sometimes there are really weird bugs in my house and I don’t like it. ☹️ Just had a creepy spider/ant thing runnin…

11:07pm May 5th 2018

@doniamae Never! 💪

7:17pm May 5th 2018

Today I dug up one of the clothesline polls in my backyard with the intention of putting in a paver patio in its pl…

2:11pm May 5th 2018

Gardening excitement! I bought and planted this rhododendron two summers ago……

7:43pm May 4th 2018