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I really regret not getting a bag of beef jerky over lunch.

2:56pm Oct 5th 2017

RT @rachelandrew: A survey about CSS which I would love you to fill in for one or all of your projects… (and please…

12:28pm Oct 5th 2017

RT @chriseppstein: ^ Most gun deaths are accidents and suicides. Most with hand guns. Y’all talking about automatic weapons? Spare me. Ever…

9:13pm Oct 4th 2017

Yeah, I had tacos for lunch but when I came home, my mister suggested tacos for dinner… How…

5:48pm Oct 4th 2017

why did I wear a belt today? #NationalTacoDay

1:24pm Oct 4th 2017

how do I get a job as professional web conference-goer? because there are so many excellent conferences all over the world now.

9:51am Oct 4th 2017

Celebrating #NationalTacoDay at @JTMegaFoodAdv in about 96 minutes!

9:24am Oct 4th 2017

@doniamae maybe I should turn off the space heater for now… 40% done.

9:08am Oct 4th 2017

A coworker shared this URL and it’s making this production push a little less stressful:

9:04am Oct 4th 2017

29% done. Like, something major is going to end up being out of sync between my repo and production. It’s enough to make me sweat a little.

8:54am Oct 4th 2017

when you push to production with a new-to-you service for the first time and you’re kind of stressed-dying during the whole process.

8:48am Oct 4th 2017

@MinaMarkham I think I could easily spend $50 on butterbeer alone. 🍻

8:10am Oct 4th 2017

Decided to skip kickboxing tonight in favor of video game playing BUT I’m also cleaning my oven, so it all evens out.

5:38pm Oct 3rd 2017

35 days ’til Cabo part deux, but for now I’d like to just be playing LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7.

2:49pm Oct 3rd 2017

RT @kphipps3000: This is a Kinder Egg. It is a chocolate egg with a toy that’s illegal in the U.S. High-powered automatic rifles are not. h…

2:41pm Oct 3rd 2017

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the…

8:56pm Oct 2nd 2017

RT @kalpenn: Americans killed on 9/11: 2,996

Days it took Congress to authorize war:3

Americans killed by guns in 2017: 11,652

Days in 2…

5:34pm Oct 2nd 2017

Also: Tom Petty 😢

3:02pm Oct 2nd 2017

This morning I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it bothered me so much that news media just had to add this tagl…

2:57pm Oct 2nd 2017


8:48am Oct 2nd 2017

I really want to eat the caramel roll in the lunchroom but I think I want my future 9-pack abs more.

7:56am Oct 2nd 2017

@ms_ericaaaaa I will give you an anxious calico but she’s great at killing small intruders. (She’s currently annoying the crap out of me.)

9:49pm Oct 1st 2017

Well, I finally just 100% finished LEGO Harry Potter years 1-4. On to the next…

3:51pm Oct 1st 2017

The dude hooman won’t let us turn on the heat in the house so we’ll just hide in cat-sized…

10:12am Sep 30th 2017

@doniamae My grandma had neighbors with the best tire swings: old tires like these!

10:03am Sep 30th 2017

9:23am Sep 30th 2017

Help Puerto Rico recover, indulge in all things pumpkin: come to this private FUNdraiser!

Any suggestions for…

4:37pm Sep 29th 2017

Loooots of bumbley bees are face-planted in my bee balm and sedum this afternoon. Take all you…

4:10pm Sep 29th 2017

@stevecantsmell dislike ☹️

11:17am Sep 28th 2017

Doesn’t it kinda feel like there should be another week of September instead of starting October…

9:40am Sep 28th 2017