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@MnSEARCH Thank you!

3:31pm Jun 22nd 2018

@MnSEARCH please repeat feedback url? #mnsummit

3:18pm Jun 22nd 2018

How ‘bout a drink with final keynote?A glass of wine would match the chilly ballroom pretty well… #mnsummit

3:08pm Jun 22nd 2018

Clever idea: using @fighto’s python script, you can crawl reddit communities to find questions people are asking —…

2:54pm Jun 22nd 2018

RT @JaynaAnderson_: Be kind to your audience. –@leximills
We can change the internet by being kind. Optimize for that. 💯🙌🏻 #mnsummit @MnSE…

2:02pm Jun 22nd 2018

“People type in questions to Google, but they click on answers.” @RobOusbey (When thinking about key phrases in you…

1:52pm Jun 22nd 2018

@bakersydneyrose @botify I’m okay with that, more for me 🤓😉

1:30pm Jun 22nd 2018

RT @brandpointco: Big takeaway form @wilreynolds earlier today: Ignore the SEO best practices. Look at your own data to determine the best…

1:26pm Jun 22nd 2018

Attribution goes to @RobOusbey! #mnsummit

1:25pm Jun 22nd 2018

Ran into a former colleague as I snagged my first fidget spinner from the @botify booth & had to admit how much of…

1:15pm Jun 22nd 2018

RT @JmLenz: Content marketing plays a crucial supporting role to conversion.

12:44pm Jun 22nd 2018

RT @purnavirji: “Content is every experience you create, not just a blog post.” @oligardner at #mnsummit

12:36pm Jun 22nd 2018

‘‘Twas lovely to get outside for a few minutes over lunch! Thanks, St. Paul. #mnsummit

12:36pm Jun 22nd 2018

Having trouble with to integrating third party tools/data for more structured data on your website? “The magic of w…

10:59am Jun 22nd 2018

“20% of SEO is coming up with the right answers, 80% is getting shit done.” In the Ask the SEOs session (missed the…

10:43am Jun 22nd 2018

RT @kristinjhelges: Got https:// and mobile-first responsivess? I was surprise to learn that’s “a good place to be” + right in line with th…

10:09am Jun 22nd 2018

9:25am Jun 22nd 2018

“People are still converting more on desktop than they are on mobile” @maxxeight — because completing forms on mobi…

9:19am Jun 22nd 2018

Sometimes attending conferences is a good reminder that I’m awesome at my job and I should be applying to present my smarts more often.

9:16am Jun 22nd 2018

RT @Nicole_Mintiens: Love @jeffalytics suggestion to track external clicks with GTM. It’s also useful for tracking clicks on phone numbers…

9:00am Jun 22nd 2018

RT @KCotch: SEO should stand for Search Experience Optimization @maxxeight #mnsummit

8:53am Jun 22nd 2018

@MaKBirch I dig that! The power of “please” is very underrated.

8:53am Jun 22nd 2018

@MaKBirch I gotta practice my penmanship though 😆

8:52am Jun 22nd 2018

“Being mobile friendly does *not* mean it’s mobile optimized.” @maxxeight #mnsummit

8:51am Jun 22nd 2018

Are people being more polite to machines than they’re being to each other?

8:46am Jun 22nd 2018

Taking notes in a notebook instead of digitally: dang my handwriting is awful. #mnsummit

8:45am Jun 22nd 2018

RT @ro6erts: “There are smarts everywhere in your organization. Execs just need to spend time with these folks. There are smarts everywhere…

8:00am Jun 22nd 2018

RT @dianekulseth: 15% of keywords are new to Google every day? Does that apply to YOUR website/clients? @wilreynolds #mnsummit

8:00am Jun 22nd 2018

Conferences are great! #mnsummit (got my hashtag q answered 😏)

7:32am Jun 22nd 2018

RT @iamdevloper: > has this been tested in every major browser?

Me: …….yes.

7:30am Jun 22nd 2018