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Sister date!

#thankful4mn #nkotbxec #totalpackagetour @ Xcel Energy Center

6:44pm Jun 14th 2017

Jordan Knight hugged me. I’m never showering again. (Also he smiled at me. And he laughed at my dumb joke.)

4:47pm Jun 14th 2017

@doniamae Eeee! That’s for a braver woman than us, perhaps…

1:57pm Jun 14th 2017

@dreamwell_ali I’ll try to locate it!

1:56pm Jun 14th 2017

@PropTartMN What a bummer! 😉

12:31pm Jun 14th 2017

I sometimes have to edit myself to prevent excessive use of exclamation points. I love them.

11:48am Jun 14th 2017

@dreamwell_ali There’s a photo of you & Karyn & someone holding each other’s hair to your faces like mustaches. I h…

11:39am Jun 14th 2017

@eryno the housing market is brutal right now! I found a house crush last fall and it was practically gone before I even got home again.

11:36am Jun 14th 2017

@dreamwell_ali Welllll he’s still pretty darn good lookin’! And he still has the *moves*

11:34am Jun 14th 2017

What do you do when your tiny strawberry patch never produces enough berries to do anything…

10:10am Jun 14th 2017

@doniamae Crazy! Maaaaybe I’ll go inside if I ever get the opportunity…

8:59am Jun 14th 2017

Am I connected with any other front-end devs in Mpls/St Paul who are looking for a new gig? I have a lead for you – DM me for details.

8:33am Jun 14th 2017

@hilarysk Or Minnesota + ocean, depends where you’re from 😉 I love Maine!

8:09am Jun 14th 2017

@doniamae How does it stand up?? I think I would be scared to go in there.

8:08am Jun 14th 2017

I meet Jordan Knight in approximately 7 hours. I’m not counting down the minutes or anything…

8:06am Jun 14th 2017

@doniamae I did it! It kinda worked 😉

9:14pm Jun 13th 2017

@doniamae Hmm – a quick smoothie might be possible!

8:15pm Jun 13th 2017

What’s in my house that I can eat as a substitute for an ice cream craving? There were too many little leaguers at DQ but now I regret.

8:11pm Jun 13th 2017

RT @collinskeith: Neat: list of words that make valid CSS hex colors:

2:09pm Jun 13th 2017

@ruralgrrrl 😬

1:48pm Jun 13th 2017

This fence that I’m getting is turning out to be a Defining Moment in my life. Who knew that’d be a thing?

12:14pm Jun 13th 2017

Current status: #NKOTB tomorrow night.

8:54am Jun 13th 2017

@doniamae Ok: an hour for the email, forever for the text message – because the number isn’t actually he business’s. 🙄

6:28pm Jun 12th 2017

How long do I give my fence contractor to reply to my text message? And my email?

6:18pm Jun 12th 2017

I wish I had the skillz to do all of my home improvements myself. I’m sick of working with contractors I don’t know.

4:15pm Jun 12th 2017

Arrived home to fence progress, yay! Unfortunately there’s a big perimeter layout mistake, boo! 💩

4:11pm Jun 12th 2017

@PropTartMN They worked 😉 um, my friend confirmed…

3:17pm Jun 12th 2017

When your office’s power goes out, does the bathroom still, uh, work? Asking for a friend.

2:58pm Jun 12th 2017

12:55pm Jun 12th 2017

“It’s so comfortable…to lead [a] life where your colleagues are your friends… But maybe that comes at a cost.”…

8:46pm Jun 11th 2017