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I finally had a chance to use CSS Grid on my last project and now I’m all CSS GRID ALL THE THINGS. It’s magic.

12:22pm Feb 6th 2018

@geekgalgroks I have been playing this game too often lately, trying to finish projects! It at least makes tedious bind offs more engaging.

11:29am Feb 6th 2018

Seriously? Seriously. With 24 stitches left to bind off, I have officially lost at yarn…

10:34pm Feb 5th 2018

@kir326 Every. Episode.

6:16pm Feb 5th 2018

@kir326 ??

2:38pm Feb 4th 2018

RT @danachis: Boston Public Library needs your help. To transcribe hand-written anti-slavery texts.

6:04pm Feb 3rd 2018

Since people from Minnesota/Iowa/Upper Midwest just loooove talking about the weather, which…

9:11am Feb 3rd 2018

Me at 9pm on a Friday night: “two hour episode of Victoria?! Uuugh I don’t have the brain.”

Also me at 9pm on a Fr…

9:00pm Feb 2nd 2018

RT @mnsbjic: Numerous aircraft will fly over U.S. Bank Stadium this afternoon in preparation for #SuperBowlLII. This is part of routine gam…

1:26pm Feb 2nd 2018

The problem: the dumb ‘ol og:url is missing part of the URL string! Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.

11:09am Feb 2nd 2018

Can anyone tell me why the stupid Facebook sharing debugger is not refreshing my website’s source code? I am gettin…

10:38am Feb 2nd 2018

Someone remind me of this next week when I’m driving around northern San Diego and I lose GPS…

9:46pm Feb 1st 2018

@juliaschrenkler @WaffleHouse Pecan waffle with a side of bacon! Nom!

12:24pm Feb 1st 2018

Here’s the knit I’ve been up to! Over the weekend I was able to get this lace blocked out…

11:11am Jan 31st 2018

One of my favorite phrases: team work makes the dream work!

7:43am Jan 31st 2018

@cannbeerkatar Thanks! I’ll check it out.

3:35pm Jan 30th 2018

Hey #WordPress admins: do you have a recommendation about a minification/caching plug in that is *the* best?

3:30pm Jan 30th 2018

RT @jensimmons: We at @FirefoxDevTools are working on a Flexbox Inspector to go with our Grid Inspector. We’d love to have you let us know…

9:59pm Jan 28th 2018

The view from here.
Not gonna lie: facing big anxiety out here. @ Lake Minnetonka

11:19am Jan 28th 2018

Pink box for a pink-nosed gal.

12:07pm Jan 27th 2018

If I’ve learned anything from marriage, it’s that sometimes your interests mix in weird ways.

9:00am Jan 27th 2018

This week I’m giving myself permission to skip optional “obligations” that don’t give me good feelings and it is amazing.

4:29pm Jan 25th 2018

Today’s mood: so much to do! What’s happening on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. etc. etc. until I’m fired.

10:11am Jan 25th 2018

@BunkerGolfMN Thanks! I sure did.

12:27pm Jan 23rd 2018

My kingdom for a snow day! Except not my yarn… or the kitties or these blankets and pillows. You can have the rest, though. ❄️

10:16pm Jan 22nd 2018

Just another lovely Minnesota commute along the lake! @ Cedar Lake, Minnesota

4:45pm Jan 22nd 2018

nope nope nope nope

8:40am Jan 22nd 2018

When your friends ask you to dress up in the middle of winter and meet for brunch.. you do it!…

2:12pm Jan 21st 2018

I found a little secret cat lady haven! 😻 @ The Coffee Shop Northeast

9:26pm Jan 20th 2018

Still life with Amy… by Amy… Amy^2

8:05pm Jan 20th 2018