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@carolinneapolis I’ve heard rave reviews for Two Bettys!

7:20pm Aug 17th 2017

“Accessibility encompasses…low-literacy readers, who now make up 43% of Americans….” via @UIE Use this!

10:34am Aug 17th 2017

“There isn’t a way things should be. There’s just what happens, and what we do.” – Terry Pratchett

8:00am Aug 17th 2017

What are the lyrics to that one Sylvan Esso Song? “I was gonna die young, but now I gotta wait…”(It seriously gets stuck in my head.)

7:20am Aug 17th 2017

Whyyyyy am I still awake

10:48pm Aug 16th 2017

Accidentally played Lego Harry Potter for two hours — one hour more than intended — because the mister is out of town tonight.

10:11pm Aug 16th 2017

RT @doniamae: Could we all just stop being so awful to each other?

2:54pm Aug 15th 2017

Spotted on the sidewalk: why are so many people dropping their post-it notes today?

12:42pm Aug 15th 2017

Spotted at Starbucks: a forgotten wine list. Someone is gonna miss this when they’re catching up on current news…

11:13am Aug 15th 2017

Under-knowledged support rep explaining networking to my networking support rep… 😣

8:50am Aug 15th 2017

Under-knowledged support rep explaining networking to my networking support rep… 😣

8:50am Aug 15th 2017

Day 2 of tech support for a super bizarre networking issue… #iwouldratherbeknitting

8:37am Aug 15th 2017

@doniamae 😦 well… jason wasn’t around & the smell was still here. 😉 I cleaned like mad & found the smell – living…

3:31pm Aug 12th 2017

maybe i just google ‘essential oil diffuser blend for when your house stinks but you aren’t sure why.’ maybe.

8:11am Aug 12th 2017

Finishing up lunchtime knitting outside, about to pack up & head inside to my desk, when the clouds parted & ALL THE SUN started shining. ☹️

11:53am Aug 11th 2017

Took a few months but today a new coworker said “Amy can do anything!” & it made me very happy. That was my gifted tagline at @tena_cious 😘

10:55am Aug 11th 2017

someday i’ll find a desk chair that doesn’t slowly sink throughout the day.

9:09am Aug 11th 2017

RT @tessak22: #WordPress Twin Cities people (including non-developers), @48in48org is still looking for 60 volunteers!…

9:05am Aug 11th 2017

That time I learned all about brioche knitting and purling in the company of seven other chatty…

5:43pm Aug 10th 2017

so many hours wasted and my problem was a stupid typo in the original code. duuuummmmmmbbbbb.

3:08pm Aug 10th 2017

@doniamae websites are dumb. it should just work! 😉

10:58am Aug 10th 2017

totally obsessed with this stupid ‘load more’ ajax call that isn’t working & is making me mad. but i must move on to another project…

10:14am Aug 10th 2017

@KimberCurrier too tired to remember 🙁

10:13am Aug 10th 2017

someone drank all my coffee 😭

8:29am Aug 10th 2017

@doniamae @udacity woohoo — congrats!! 🎉

7:35am Aug 10th 2017

“We find that the smallest deed is better than the grandest intention.”

9:08pm Aug 9th 2017

#ShopLocal tip: at a business that you go to often & only have a card for paying $5 or less? Get a gift card for $20, too. Saves on CC fees!

11:57am Aug 9th 2017

I had a responsible, healthy lunch.

I am still hungry. Thinking about… 🍪

11:46am Aug 9th 2017

RT @MirandaRHK: @hilarysk Stats on why we need women and diversity in tech companies. #ThatConference

7:56am Aug 9th 2017

RT @hilarysk: For anyone who missed it, slides from my basic UX talk “How to Make Your Website Not Ugly” are here:…

7:55am Aug 9th 2017