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New month, THREE new chihuahuas! If I weren’t such a cat lady, I would totally have a chihuahua of my own. And a Gr……

8:23am Dec 1st 2016

Browsing web for workout pants & had a sudden flashback to track pants I LOVED in high school & I was doing athleisure before it was cool.

10:11pm Nov 30th 2016

@kir326 that’s Italian for “nom nom nom”

8:42pm Nov 30th 2016

6:00am Nov 30th 2016

@kir326 I always tell myself I’m gonna try something different… but then I always get the Mimi.

5:49am Nov 30th 2016

The @tena_cious team might be visiting @PunchPizza too often for lunch… I just got a hardcore craving. It’s 10pm, stomach/brain! 🍕

9:56pm Nov 29th 2016

@JeniEats I saw this during my commute home, too! What gives lately? A lot more tailgating, too. 🚗💥🚗

5:05pm Nov 29th 2016

today’s gratitude: being comfortable enough to hug my clients. i love hugs, you guys. #tenaciousrocks

11:12am Nov 29th 2016

6:25am Nov 29th 2016

@doughtywench thank you!

5:00pm Nov 27th 2016

@mrsssen ❤️ I appreciate that!

4:59pm Nov 27th 2016

@YarnHarlot thank you so much 😄

11:57am Nov 27th 2016

@YarnHarlot I work at a LYS in Mpls: Needlework Unlimited. Closing Dec. 15 for retirement, everything is 50% off!

9:20am Nov 27th 2016

Tomorrow I’ll exercise* for four hours to make up for this excessive calorie-intaking weekend.

* I mean nap.

10:23pm Nov 26th 2016

Signal boost: friends in Northeast Minneapolis, keep an eye out for Ziggy!

9:42pm Nov 26th 2016

#ThanksgivingProblems: two days later and my body thinks I’m ravenously hungry but I never really want to eat again.

11:21am Nov 26th 2016

@doniamae I was mistaken! Last year I baked both a pecan and a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

10:38pm Nov 25th 2016

@JeniEats I kept seeing these ads, too & found them so annoying I had to block that account.

11:51am Nov 25th 2016

@doniamae both are arts in their own rights!

7:18am Nov 24th 2016

who’s got two thumbs & woke up at 4:30am thinking about a website fix she just *had* to make before heading out of town? this girl!

5:03am Nov 24th 2016

@doniamae I knew I was lazy, but it just occurred to me how lazy I might actually be.

10:47pm Nov 23rd 2016

I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually baked anything sweet or dessert-y in my oven.

10:09pm Nov 23rd 2016

RT @stribrooks: Dear 2016: I made you this ornament. It is a Dumpster fire.


7:13am Nov 22nd 2016

The best part of any day when I have to wear pants is coming home to take them off.

11:26am Nov 20th 2016

Current status of my shoulder


11:17pm Nov 19th 2016

7:42pm Nov 17th 2016

Wish I could party all night but I gotta get some sleep.

* By “party” I mean “knit.”

10:27pm Nov 16th 2016

In less than 5 minutes I was matched with my top 3 hair stylists at @Capture_Salon in Stillwater! #MeetYourStylist

9:54am Nov 16th 2016

Right now I have more stuff than usual on my desk and it makes me feel a little disorganized and…

8:15am Nov 16th 2016

RT @tena_cious: 4 Qs you need to ask yourself about your website.… #GEW2016


9:59pm Nov 15th 2016