Yesterday’s Tweets

  • Brunch with Kristi – at Spring Street Tavern #
  • bridal showering all day = loads of laughter with ladies = but also really exhausting. 6:30 too early for bedtime? #
  • Showering the bride-to-be, Bertine #
  • Bride-to-be Bertine and her captive audience #
  • perhaps in the interest of loving ones' self #
  • watching "the haunting" from 1963. i don't think i'll be scared by a black and white movie. #
  • it's sunday night. i'm unemployed. jason and i are gonna watch a scary movie or two. #
  • "halloween romance" should be a movie category to browse on netflix. #
  • @Vani_R sup, homie? we need to plan a real chicks night in sometime soon, probably. in reply to Vani_R #